Welcome to our digital home!

Step into our digital home.

We “moved in” to our new phase of life at the beginning of July 2021. With this “move-in”, we, Chris and Sophia, have exchanged our permanent home for a mobile home and left our home behind for the time being.

We want to live a different kind of life for an indefinite period of time. A period of life in which we want to have the freedom to decide from day to day what we feel like and how and where we want to spend this day.

To live a different kind of luxury – the luxury of being able to shape the days and weeks ourselves and to enjoy and experience even more consciously the little things that make life so worth living.


for us, “world life” means:

The world is big, colourful and diverse. With countless small worlds. We all live in the world. But in our own individual worlds. We want to move in different worlds on our journey as well as in our further shaping of life, to be inspired by different worlds in the world and to take discoveries with us into our own worlds, of what we like and what seems desirable to us. To live diversely, to be curious, open and courageous and to try out ourselves and different worlds. We want to discover and experience “the world” or many parts of it in our own way. Encountering countries, landscapes, nature, animals and people while being open-eyed and having confidence in life.

We would like to invite you to enjoy our detailed articles and texts with many pictures. These appear at irregular intervals, mostly on Sunday evenings. At the moment, you can discover our current travel destinations with us. Make yourself comfortable, slow down like with a good book in your hand, let yourself be inspired. Feel the anticipation of future travels, get an impression of countries that are perhaps still unknown to you, discover possible new facets in countries you already know and dream a little with us – that’s what our digital home is supposed to make possible, among other things.

Feel free to look and browse in every corner. Feel free to help shape our digital home and share your thoughts with us in the form of a comment or two 🙂


We are very happy to have your company in our world life!

Chris & Sophia

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