Goodbye little village, hello world!

With that, a warm welcome to our digital home!

Here you will find news from us at irregular intervals. Be it about the final expansion of our motorhome “Silvio” or the next steps into “world life”.

But STOP – one thing after the other… – what is this all about and what do we mean by all this? ­čśë

We are convinced that everything in life is allowed to come at its right time.

In our case, this means that now is the perfect time for us to “turn our lives around” for a period of time and fully enjoy the freedom we are currently allowed to have.

We want to live a different kind of life for a relatively long period of time – which can range from one to more than three years, depending on our mood. A period of life in which we want to have the freedom to decide from day to day what we feel like and how and where we want to shape this day.

To live a different kind of luxury – the luxury of being able to shape our days and weeks in a self-determined way and to enjoy and experience even more consciously the little things that make life so worth living.

This requires, among other things, leaving the “familiar home” and familiar surroundings, giving up one’s job and living with two people plus a dog in a mobile home with a living space of about 6 square metres.

With the aim of (further) travelling and getting to know the world together. And maybe, in the course of time, we will also find out what the future and the next stages of our lives may hold in store.

We let ourselves be surprised and are curious about what life is planning while we are planning it ­čśë With a large portion of curiosity, courage, joie de vivre and trust in the good things in life, we definitely have the right tools on board ­čÖé

If you would like to accompany us on this adventure, we would be delighted!

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With much anticipation – the worldlings

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