Three hundred and sixty-five – 1 year on the road in the countries of this world

This life is more than just a way through…”

The day we left Germany was really a year ago? Hard to believe! But if we consciously let our thoughts wander in this direction, all the memories and experiences fill what feels like at least a 365-day period!

We capture some of the moments on this journey in the blog entries. But countless other moments, whether brief encounters or conscious impressions, we experience every day. We rarely visit the same place a second time.

During this time, we were able to discover many areas, some of which were still completely unknown to us in terms of history, geography, flora and fauna, and connect them with feelings and images. It also became very clear what a great negative influence man has on this planet. Not always easy to come to terms with!

Of course we had certain ideas before such a long journey and were sometimes surprised how different it can be. On the one hand in the best sense, but on the other hand also in a rather challenging way.

Whether it’s mentally dealing with oneself, with the past, the present and future plans and dreams. Living as a couple in a very small space, mostly with a dog, through all seasons and “wind and weather” around us…

And the experience of this new way of life, for example the constant changes in location and the resulting encounters with ever new people and situations. As well as the experience that, at the latest with every border change, the landscapes and cultures also change again and again. Over the weeks, we have found our way into many things that make up the previous country or region, enjoyed them and also adapted to them – suddenly many things are fundamentally different. And so our wealth of experience continues to grow. And we grow with it ­čśë

One thing is for sure, the exchange rate Euro to unforgettable experiences is definitely unsurpassed! ­čÖé


Waste your money and you’re out of money, but waste your time and you’ve lost part of your life.”

Michael LeBoeuf


We have also collected a few figures on this 1st year of travel. We would like to share the most interesting ones with you:

  • Days travelled: 365
  • Kilometres travelled: 12,041 km (In comparison: for our way to work alone, we previously covered a total of over 22,000 km / year)
  • Countries visited: 8
  • Capitals visited: 5
  • Places to stay: 170
  • of which “free”: 159
  • ├ś-Number of nights in one place: 2
  • Midnight spot checks: 4
  • Reprimands: 0
  • Highest overnight pitch: 2,439 m a.s.l
  • Highest / Lowest temperature: +35┬░ / -8┬░
  • Total diesel heating consumption: 187 litres
  • Heating period 2021/2022: 6 months
  • Solar power consumption: 105 kWh (In comparison: the average consumption of a 2-person household in Germany – 2,500 kWh / year)
  • Total consumption spirit cooker: 47 litres
  • Average consumption motorhome / 100km: 10.5 litres
  • Breakdowns: 0
  • Stuck (mud/snow): 2


A big thank you to all who have supported us in various ways before and during this travel year!

With exciting ideas and plans for the future, we are entering the 2nd year of travel with much joy!

A colourful selection of pictures from various countries to give you a few more insights into our last 365 days:



To let us know who is still following our journey, we would be happy to receive any “hello” or “goodbye”, no matter how short, as a comment under this post or as a message via the contact field! ­čÖé

Greetings from

Sophia & Chris


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